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Jane Darby Debut Part Two: A Rough Start

23 Sep

On Friday morning, September 9, I woke up wide-eyed. I hadn’t slept much, something I’ll attribute to both excitement and disbelief. Plus, I was already hopped up on some heavy pain meds due to very unfriendly labor advance techniques I’d had the night before. All this to say, my mind wasn’t exactly working quite right. I know this because the gravity of “I’m about to have a baby” never really took up camp in my head. Instead, I was in a sort of survival mode: just do what you have to do and don’t ask questions. (more…)

Jane Darby Debut Part One: The Number Nine

21 Sep

On Thursday morning, September 8, while we were both getting ready for work, I asked Drew, “Do you remember what tomorrow is?” He didn’t. I told him to think on it, that he would figure it out. But, alas, he still didn’t know.

September 9 is the anniversary of us closing on our first house, and 2011 made for two years. It’s a pretty cool day, considering that on 09/09/09 we bought a home with house number 609 in zip code 35209. There’s definitely something about the number nine and the Crawfords.

Still, when “tomorrow” rolled around, neither Drew nor I even thought about the house. In fact, we may never actually attribute 09/09 to the poor house again. (more…)

Slowly gaining weight

13 Sep

Getting weighed

She’s Here!

11 Sep

Doctor’s Visit Update: 34 weeks

1 Sep

34-week doctor visit yesterday at OB/GYN Associates of Alabama, located at St. Vincent’s in Birmingham (where baby will be born!) (more…)