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Virtual Baby Book: Month One

12 Oct

I am busy filling out a baby book and baby calendar for Jane Darby. The process is fun but actually a lot of work. They definitely won’t be done anytime soon. Still, I thought I would pull some excerpts from the book and calendar and post them on the blog monthly. Enjoy! (more…)

12 Months of Jane Darby

10 Oct

On October 9, Jane Darby turned one month old! Even though she is still (technically) supposed to be in my belly, we whipped out some brightly colored fabric (and some Photoshop trickery) to kick off her monthly photo project.


Jane Darby Debut Part Three: NICU Crash Course

6 Oct

It’s a good thing I was in a drug-induced haze, because otherwise the fact that I wouldn’t get to see Jane Darby until 12 hours after her birth would have upset me to the core. Not that I wasn’t upset. I was. But, I was so loopy (and probably still suffering some shock) that I didn’t really know what emotions I was required to have.

While I was confined to my bed due to the epidural and punching away at my morphine drip every chance I got, everyone else got to visit Jane Darby before I did. I didn’t really mind. After all, I couldn’t leave my bed, much less make the trip to the NICU. When later I did finally get to see and hold her for the first time, I was literally fighting to stay awake and slurring words. The next morning I felt like a bad mother, like I hadn’t been able to make the most of our visit together. (more…)