Our 2012 Holiday Letter

29 Dec

2012 started off with some great events around the Crawford household. On January 3rd, we traveled all the way to Jackson, Mississippi, to support Jane Darby’s Granddaddy “No No” during his swearing in as the Mississippi House of Representatives Speaker Pro Tempore. He is the first-ever Republican Speaker Pro Tem for Mississippi. We were very proud of him!

On January 9, Jane Darby turned four months old, and the Crimson Tide won its 14th National Championship in football. Drew and No No went to the game together.

Later in January, we traveled to Meridian to celebrate cousin Evangeline’s 2nd birthday, and I celebrated my birthday on the 24th.

In February, Jane Darby celebrated her first Valentine’s Day and ate solid food (oatmeal cereal) for the first time.

Great Grandmother Noni and Great Grandfather Johnpa also came to visit.

On March 11, Jane Darby was dedicated at our church, and Nee Nee, No No, Grammy, Poppa, and Sammy Bill were in attendance.

Also in March, Jane Darby got to hang out with her mama’s best friends’ babies, Meg Followell and Myles Naylor.

We had the first of many zoo trips, and hung out with cousins Regan and Bryce in Atlanta to celebrate their birthdays as they turned 2 and 4.

In April, Jane Darby was visited by the Easter Bunny.

She also had her first beach trip as I was honored to be a part of friend Rachael’s wedding in Destin.

My wedding partner was Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Brady Quinn.

We also went to see Uncle Greg race. On April 27, Jane Darby started saying Da-Da..and she hasn’t stopped since!

May was a very busy month. On May 5, I was honored to be in the wedding of lifelong friend Mary Kathryn.

I celebrated my first Mother’s Day, and Drew and I celebrated 4 years of marriage. Later in the month, we traveled to Kansas City for the graduation of Drew’s little brother, Sam, from high school.

We did a lot of visiting with Mama C, Papa C, and my family in Kansas City, June, Sam, and Hazel.

At cousin Trey’s birthday party, Jane Darby was not impressed with the baby pool. On May 31, Mom, Dad, and I went to watch a taping of the Rick and Bubba Show.

In June, our girl became a crawler, and Drew celebrated his birthday on the 12th. We traveled all the way to Ft. Myers, Florida, with my mom’s family, something I’ve done every summer since I was a child.

Jane Darby began swimming lessons in July, and she was quite fond of them. On July 4th, we went as a family to Oak Mountain State Park and swam in the lake.

On August 3, we had a very scary first trip to the ER, but we checked out fine. The rest of August we laid low.

In September, Drew went to the Alabama vs. Michigan game in Dallas. Jane Darby celebrated turning one on the 9th with a Soda Shoppe party, and we celebrated her being home from the NICU for one year on the 28th.

In October, we went the Pumpkin Patch with cousin Avonlea, and we went to Boo at the Zoo.

I traveled with my dad to Knoxville for the Alabama vs. Tennessee game. Drew went to Kansas City to attend the Alabama vs. Missouri game with his dad.

Late October, Drew and I went to Chicago, and we saw our friend, Matt. Thanks for keeping Jane Darby while we were gone, Grammy and Poppa!

In November, I traveled to Orlando for work, and Drew traveled to Las Vegas, also for work. Jane Darby attended her first of many Alabama football games.

We saw Grammy, Poppa, Uncle Greg, Aunt Lynn, Regan and Bryce for Thanksgiving, and Jane Darby was fascinated by Poppa’s wagon.

At the last of the month, we took the Polar Express to the North Pole! Cousins Evangeline and Trey came, too, as well as Aunt Emily, Uncle Drew, Nee Nee and No No. Jane Darby took her first steps on the train!

In December, we continued our long tradition of getting a Christmas tree at Old Baker Farm.

Drew and I went to Atlanta to see Alabama win the SEC Championship game in Atlanta.

I traveled to Los Angeles for work, where I stayed with friend Rachael and met up with Dad’s sister, Aunt Gloria.


We went back to Kansas City for Christmas and hung out with our Mama C, Papa C, Uncle Sam, Noni, Johnpa, and my family. It was Jane Darby’s first white Christmas—and only Mama’s second!

We’ll round out the year by visiting Grammy, Poppa, Nee Nee, No No, and lots of aunts and uncles and cousins.

We are excited about what 2013 has in store. There is a baby on the way..(but it’s not ours!) Jane Darby’s newest cousin, Annabelle Margaret Dabbs, is expected around January 28, 2013. And we have big travel plans brewing for our fifth wedding anniversary in May.

Love, the Crawfords

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