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Our 2012 Holiday Letter

29 Dec

2012 started off with some great events around the Crawford household. On January 3rd, we traveled all the way to Jackson, Mississippi, to support Jane Darby’s Granddaddy “No No” during his swearing in as the Mississippi House of Representatives Speaker Pro Tempore. He is the first-ever Republican Speaker Pro Tem for Mississippi. We were very proud of him!


Soda Shoppe First Birthday Party

10 Sep

Our sweet baby turned one! This post is a photo tour of her first birthday party. (more…)

First Trip to the ER + Two PSAs

4 Aug

My mom education has grown vastly in the last 24 hours. I thought I’d just about heard of everything, but turns out: nope! Here’s our story for your future reference.

When I picked up Jane Darby from daycare yesterday, I happened to notice the tiniest red dots all over one side of her face. There were a few dots on the other side of her face, too. I showed them to her teacher and we both tried to wipe them off, but it wasn’t working. I knew it was popsicle day and thought maybe that had attributed, but it hadn’t. (more…)

How to Make Your Own Baby Food

19 Jul

So now that you’ve decided on your reasoning for making your own baby food, and have taken every little detail into consideration, it’s time to talk details.


1. High-powered food processor
(Example found here)
Uses: pureeing fresh or cooked foods
I already had a heavy-duty food processor and use it often. With one of these, I never have to chop onions and bell peppers. Plus, if you want to make Oreo cookie truffles, this is a must. For baby food, it provides the most efficient way to get the finest consistency. Plus, it does its work quickly. If you don’t already have one, consider investing in this tool because you’ll use it for multiple projects. (more…)

11 Things to Consider Before Making Your Own Baby Food

18 Jul

In yesterday’s post, I laid out 9 Reasons to Make Your Own Baby Food. But there may be things you haven’t considered because you’ve never done this before. I’ve happily served as your baby food making guinea pig. Read below for some intel.

There are certainly added benefits for making your own baby food, but remember that many store-bought foods are fortified with extra goodies, like DHA and iron. I can’t decide for you what benefits outweigh the others, but just know there are benefits all around. Because Jane Darby is more at risk for iron-deficiency anemia because of prematurity and low birth weight—not to mention blood tests confirmed it—I came to appreciate the iron fortification found in store-bought foods. (more…)

9 Reasons to Make Your Own Baby Food

17 Jul

There are many arguments that can be made in favor of homemaking baby food. I ranked them below according to my own decision to take the plunge.

I’m not talking about the top of my baby’s sweet little head. I was a new mom and wanted to do something special for my baby, so I made her food. I’ll be making her meals for much of her young life, so why not start early? It was a way to feel super motherly. Simple as that.

I’m selfish, I suppose. I like to cook and love projects. I enjoyed reading about and researching baby food making, too. Plus, it was a chance to be creative and enjoy the pretty colors involved. (more…)

First Christmas, Christmas Firsts

28 Dec

This year marked Jane Darby’s first Christmas, and it was nothing short of magical. But for our newly formed family of three, it also marked a lot of Christmas firsts.

To name a few: this was the first Christmas Drew and I shared with a child; the first Christmas we’ve gotten to spend in our home; the first installment of Christmas Eve breakfast for dinner; and the first time we’ve been able to attend our church’s Christmas Eve service. I really enjoyed showing Jane Darby our Christmas traditions, and making some new ones along the way.

It was truly a special blessing to be able to share Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with just our tiny trio (plus pets!), and I couldn’t help but take a moment to think of the sweet little babies, their parents, and caretakers who spent Christmas in the NICU. I’ll look forward to many more of these tender Christmas moments to come. (more…)

Our 2011 Holiday Letter

27 Dec


Around Christmas and New Year’s every year, we receive many holiday letters from different families we know. The concept is a little new to me, as we did not send holiday letters as a family when I was growing up. Still, since it’s a great way to recap the year and keep people informed about our lives, I thought I’d give it a try.

Here’s our first-ever (and digital version!) holiday letter. (more…)

Happy Belated Birthday, Jane Darby!

2 Nov