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First Trip to the ER + Two PSAs

4 Aug

My mom education has grown vastly in the last 24 hours. I thought I’d just about heard of everything, but turns out: nope! Here’s our story for your future reference.

When I picked up Jane Darby from daycare yesterday, I happened to notice the tiniest red dots all over one side of her face. There were a few dots on the other side of her face, too. I showed them to her teacher and we both tried to wipe them off, but it wasn’t working. I knew it was popsicle day and thought maybe that had attributed, but it hadn’t. (more…)

Fantastic Finds (And Cheap too!)

30 Aug

Newly equipped with lots of baby goods thanks to our baby shower Saturday, I let my OCD taunt me for only a few hours. On the way home from church on Sunday, I had Drew swing me by the Dollar TreeĀ just to see if they had any items I could use to organize the nursery closet. Well, let’s just say the experience was kid-in-a-candy-store caliber. (I hit the jackpot!) (more…)